Growth & Profits

How we can help you increase Growth & Profits

Your accountant should be the first person you call to help you grow your business, they can help you increase your profit margins.

Very often an accountant can see ways to improve the bottom line that you might ordinarily miss because you are in the trenches every day working hard for profit and growth.

1. Negotiate better terms with your suppliers

An accountant can advise you on how to negotiate better deals on your materials and services provided to your business. Your accountant may be able to get involved directly in the negotiations on your behalf with your suppliers.

2. Analyse all your expenses and outgoings

Make no mistake; dollars saved by scrutinising your operating costs will transfer directly to more profit for your business.

3. Reduce bad debts

Your accountant may be able to help you review your existing debt collection procedures and terms of trade and suggest improvements to get you cash in earlier.

4. Consider removal of unprofitable products or services

WealthVisory can help you to review the margin levels on all your products and services and determine which ones may need to be dropped and have price adjustments because they are contributing poorly to your bottom line.

5. Restructure your financing

We can also look at how your finance is structured in order to help you save interest on business loans and lending. Maybe there are cheaper options out there. By refinancing existing business debt, you may be able to save interest, which will boost your profit.

6. Maximise pricing

Is a price rise long overdue in your business? Lifting your prices will greatly boost your profit margins.

7. Review your wage costs

WealthVisory can work with you to ensure an efficient use of your staff and resources. Profits may very well grow if you can find some savings/better utilisation on wages and general outgoings.

8. Track your marketing and advertising expenditure

Do you know what your return on investment from your advertising is? Do you know where each of your customers are coming from to ensure your funds are being spent in the right avenues?

9. Plan for profit

WealthVisory can help you to prepare a business plan for future profit and long term growth. You must plan for growth. A flexible business plan that sets key goals and charts a course of action will help boost the profitability of your business.

10. Identify valuable customers

It is wise to get an accountant involved in helping you grow your business and profit margins. While you know a lot about the inner-workings of your business, your accountant can contribute his/her experience in growing business profits for numerous other business owners who they have helped already.

Contact us today to see how we can help with your business’ growth and profits.